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Snow Wicked White Allie Burton
Snow Wicked White

Cinderella Assassin -- Allie Burton
Cinderella Assassin

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Atlantis Riptide

The Romance Dance -- Allie Burton
The Romance Dance

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Snow Witching White Allie Burton

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Snow Witching White
A Glass Slipper Adventure Book 6

She must learn to control her unusual magic or risk destroying the kingdom, and her friends.

Destiny Snow hates blackmail, especially when she’s the victim. Yet, the threat leads her to what she’s always wanted—family. With family though, come demands. A requirement to attend the witch academy, where she’s immediately an outcast. A call for her sacrifice. A claim on her heart.

The loyal friends that followed her are outsiders who can’t handle the toxic atmosphere adjacent to the underworld. Now, Destiny is caughtin the middle of a power struggle between witches and warlocks. Both sides fight over the greater force controlling the devilish double-dealing. A force so powerful the entire coven could be ruined. A force that works against her and will take Destiny away from everyone she loves. A force that prophesized she’d destroy the kingdom.

Can a powerful mixed majik stop the prophecy written about her before it comes to a Wicked End?

Snow Witching White is the sixth book in the twisted fairytale series A Glass Slipper Adventure. If you like magical heroines, split family loyalties, and ill-fated lovers, then you’ll love Allie Burton’s new installment in this spellbinding series.

Buy Snow Witching White and magically fly into jeopardy!

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The portal shimmered about to fade.

“Why won’t the portal last longer?” I wasn’t ready to leave. “I thought the witch leader was all powerful?”

“If you leave a portal open too long someone unwanted might sneak through.” Cassia held out her hand in front of the shimmering image. “We should hold hands when we walk through so we don’t get lost.”

My jitters jangled. It was a portal to a specific place. How could we get lost?

“Lost?” Stone asked the question I’d thought.

Cassia shook her hand, urging someone to take hold. “The portal is mostly a straight line, but there are refractions and magical telekinetic waves.”

Stone gripped my hand. “I’m definitely going now.”

Disappointment seeped into my veins. His statement meant he wasn’t positive about going with me before. I hated that he felt the need to watch me like a child.

“If you don’t want to come, then don’t come.” I couldn’t stop my peevishness.

“Coming.” He nodded at Cassia.

“Okay everyone,” She took Lukas’ hand and Stone’s other hand.

Lukas held Helartha’s hand, who held Pith’s, who held Gnit’s, who held Trolgar’s.

My chest filled and overwhelmed with emotion. My friends were coming with me, they wanted to stay by my side and help me on my journey. I squeezed Stone’s hand. He returned the squeeze understanding my thoughts.

With Cassia leading the way, we stepped into the shimmering substance of the portal as one. The sucking sensation intensified. My skin puckered and tugged, wanting to pull away from my bones. It didn’t hurt, yet the power of the portal made its presence known.

A scream shattered the strange silence.

Stone’s distorted face showed pain. His mouth was sealed shut. His body appeared misshapen. Fear shot up my spine, paralyzing my thoughts. Had this been some type of trick? Cassia had seemed so sure.

Peering down the line at her, I noted she was relaxed and normal. No stress or strain in her expression. Lukas resembled a werewolf more than usual. His fangs flashed and his brown hair had gone shaggy. Helartha’s red hair streamed behind her as if the strands were being yanked. Her head bobbed back and forth. Pith and Gnit shrunk to half their normal size. Trolgar opened his mouth to a gigantic shape and screamed.


I wanted to cover my ears, but my hand was gripped by Stone. Cassia leaned forward and pulled the line of us with her. I’m glad she knew what she was doing. The sucking sensation tugged me back. She angled forward again and the rest of us whipped through with a final high-pitched sucking noise.

Stepping out of the portal, I was surprised to find nothing stuck to my skin. My entire body relaxed, glad to be free.

Stone’s grip loosened and he fell to the ground. My other friends fell, too. Their mouths gaped open. Only Cassia stood beside me.

Panic bulleted through me and I dropped to my knees. “What’s wrong, Stone?”

“Can’t…breathe…” He gasped and his eyes rounded with the loss of oxygen. He knelt on his knees and clutched his chest.

My own chest constricted as if I couldn’t breathe. I surveyed around, helpless. I didn’t know what to do or how to help him or anyone else. My friends lay on the ground gasping. “Cassia. What’s happening to them?”

“I thought since you were invited and they were our friends it would be okay.” Her gaze darted around and she dropped to her knees between Lukas and Pith. “I’m guessing it’s a protection curse. In non-witches it manifests in suffocation.”

My pulse skyrocketed. They weren’t intruders. They were my friends. And because of me they were going to die.