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Snow Wicked White Allie Burton
Snow Wicked White

Cinderella Assassin -- Allie Burton
Cinderella Assassin

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Snow Wicked White -- Allie Burton

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Snow Wicked White
A Glass Slipper Adventure Book 4

She chooses to stay out of the fight. But when she’s forced to help the enemy, her betrayal wakes a sleeping giant.

Destiny Snow is the last known banshee in the kingdom. Or she fears she is because her grandfather has disappeared. Humans and majiks alike discriminate against her because of the banshee wail of death. That’s why she and her grandfather have always lived as hermits and never joined the resistance movement. Until royal guards knocked on her door.

Under the regent’s orders, Destiny is held in an overcrowded cell with seven other criminals while he forces her to track majiks to steal their power. Except she’s never been trained and has no magic. When she makes a major mistake, several important resistance leaders are captured, including her childhood crush, Stone.

Can the bad news banshee convince her cellmates that she can be trusted and help them escape the dungeon before they’re all tortured to death?

Snow Wicked White is the fourth book in the captivating fairytale series A Glass Slipper Adventure. If you like feisty heroines, twisted fairytales, and secret identity stories, then you’ll love Allie Burton’s spellbinding novel.

Buy Snow Wicked White to escape with the daring rebels today!

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starstarstarstarstar 5 of 5 STARS! “Now he’s got his own Destiny.” – Candy
starstarstarstarstar 5 of 5 STARS! “OMG! I absolutely loved (the) story. It was incredible.” – Amanda
starstarstarstar 4 of 5 STARS! “I definitely want to know what happens next.” - Joanna

starstarstarstarstar 5 of 5 STARS “I loved the Cinderella side of this series and now we are off to the Snow White side and omg it is freaking awesome!There’s some action, there’s definitely adventure, there’s a little romance, there’s grief and heartache and then there’s a poisoned apple! I loved the different supernatural beings we meet along the way, the ‘humans’ who help Destiny, Stone, Lord Vitor and the gripping and exciting storyline and an ending that has left me screaming noooooooooooo!” - Debbie

starstarstarstarstar 5 of 5 STARS “This book is action packed with events, emotions, fears and love. I absolutely loved Destiny and getting to know her and her talents better. And that ending oh my I need the next book!!” - Madeleine


“You!” The single furious word drilled into me and I tensed.

As if I’d conjured him, the giant from the cave stood in the cell doorway. And of course, his name was Stone. He resembled a muscular boulder.

Chills skittered up and down my spine. Fear or possibly the fading results of the chemical used in the cave.The giant moved fine even with the chains holding him. He should still be affected by the chemicals.

Everyone in the cell went silent.

“Look at me, you traitor!” He glared and I took a step back.

So much for making friends.

Short for a giant, he still dwarfed the three human guards holding him in chains. Fury thundered on the harsh planes and angles of his face. Messy blond hair and furious green eyesmade my knees quiver. A swollen eye and a fat lip couldn’t hide his rugged beauty.

My heart hammered. Just because I appreciated his handsomeness did not take away the fear.

Thank the elves the guards had him chained.

He jerked his arms out of the guard’s grips and lunged. The chains rattled. “I’m going to find you and kill you.”

The words find you echoed in my head. I’d heard him say those exact words. When? The cold inflection did something to me, stabbing like a knife at the same time piercing my deepest soul. A strong tug pulled me forward, similar to when I’d been running away and headed toward the cave. I thought it had been natural self-preservation, but maybe it had been tracking instincts.

I fought the need to go to him.

His fur-lined cloak hung on broad shoulders. The tunic he wore stretched across his chest with leather straps crisscrossing, probably holding weapons until his capture.

I took a step back.

Laughing, the guards released Stone from the chains and left the cell. The metal door clanked, locking in the majiks.

Locking in me with Stone. Without the chains, he was free to murder me.

My throat closed. I held up my hands and took another step back.

Growling, Lukas stepped in front of me. “What’s going on? Who is this giant, Destiny?”

The giant’s intense glare penetrated deep inside me. My lips trembled and I couldn’t speak.

“You got us captured, Destiny.” Stone squawked my name as an insult. “Several dead. The entire counsel captured.”

He spoke as if these majiks were important. As if he was important.

Shivering, I lifted my gaze to face his anger. The snap of recognition I’d experienced in the cave came through with full force. Gripping the rusty frame of the bunk bed, I let the sharp metal cut into my skin. “I didn’t know you would be there. That anyone would be in the cave.”

“The guards said you led them there.” He snarled and punched a strong fist into his other hand. “A majik. A wicked banshee.”

I stiffened at his cruel tone. Any recognition or memory must be false. This giant hated me.

“What’s going on?” Lukas held up his strong fists. His brown eyes gleamed yellow. “Let’s discuss this.”

The last thing everyone needed was a werewolf trying to protect a banshee from a giant. In such a small space every inmate would end up getting hurt.

I held up my trembling hands. “Be reasonable. We’re both majiks.”

The giant leaned around and got in my face. “Watch your back. I’ll be waiting for you when your boyfriend’s not around.”

I jerked, breaking free of his captivating glare. “He’s not my boyfriend.”

Yeah, because that was the most important thing to say.

“Good. It will make killing you easier.” He stomped his foot hard, quaking the concrete floor.

My skin went taut, and Isearched for an escape or a place to hide. I was in a cell, in a dungeon prison. If I could escape, I would’ve found a way sooner. “Let me explain.”

He pointed a strong finger. “You directed the SCUM to our secret meeting place.”

He punctured holes in my chest. It was my fault. I hadn’t meant for the raid to happen.

The others in the cell stopped as if they’d been frozen by the guards’ special chemicals. Lukas winced. Now, everyone knew why I’d been brought here. To help the SCUM and the regent.

I wasn’t a traitor. I hadn’t picked a side, even though I’d wanted to go to the palace with Grandfather.

My lungs shattered. “I didn’t know you’d be there.”

“That he’d be there?” Lukas again glanced between, trying to put the two of us together. “Do you two know each other?”

“Of course not. I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you.” The giant’s voice grew louder, more frigid. “You might have skin as white as snow, but your soul is dark and evil.”