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Snow Wicked White Allie Burton
Snow Wicked White

Cinderella Assassin -- Allie Burton
Cinderella Assassin

Atlantis Riptide -- Allie Burton
Atlantis Riptide

The Romance Dance -- Allie Burton
The Romance Dance

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Warrior's Destiny -- Allie Burton

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Warrior's Destiny
Warrior Academy Book One

An ancient amulet.
A powerful soul demanding she obey.
A double cross that ends with a curse.

During a heist to steal an ancient amulet, sixteen-year-old Olivia unwittingly receives the soul of King Tut…and the deadly curse that comes with it.

A member of a secret society, Xander believes he is destined to inherit the soul and wield its powers. He is determined to confront the devious thief and claim what is rightfully his.

When he discovers the horrible truth behind the Society’s plans, he must join forces with Olivia to find a way to end the curse before it destroys the world. Facing untold dangers, Olivia and Xander must learn to trust each other and, eventually their hearts.

As the mystery surrounding the amulet unfolds, is their love enough to save them and the world from destruction?

“If you are a fan of Rick Riordan books about a quest with love and history thrown in…this is for you!” – Hooked In A Book Review

Other books in series: Warrior’s Chaos, Warrior’s Prophecy, Warrior’s Curse

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Books In Series

Warrior Destiny (Book 1)
Warrior’s Chaos (Book 2)
Warrior’s Prophecy (Book 3)
Warrior’s Curse (Book 4)
Warrior Academy Collection (Book 5)



“Superhero historical romance…wow.” – Marialayna

“Very intense plot. The story is well written and enthralling.”– Ann

“Warrior’s Destiny is an interesting read, with memorable characters and unexpected twists.” -Lyric1

“A book about legends, cults and the power of a long dead pharaoh named Tut. Can’t wait for book 2.” - Jessica

“If you are a fan of Rick Riordan and his Chronicles of Kane Series or even books about quest, with some love and history thrown in..... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!” – Hooked In A Book Originally published as Soul Slam.

”…this is an imaginative story and its exciting conclusion definitely provides the framework for future stories involving this intrepid couple.” – The Reading Addict

“What a great way to start a series!!! I loved how the story wove in the history of King Tut and gave a modern twist to the Ancient Pharaoh’s power… Excited to see more of this series as it comes out. Perfect YA read.” – Book Junky Girls


“Olivia, hide.” Gang father Fitch took cover across the corridor behind a sign announcing the King Tut exhibition at the museum.

Swallowing a gasp, I crouched behind one of the vertical mummy cases littering the darkened hallway of the museum. The sweat between my fingers loosened the tire iron I gripped between my hand. My heart beat a frenzied drill in my chest, echoing the clump, clump, clump of the footsteps coming my way.

A shadow fell over me and morphed from blob to human as it passed an emergency light. The profile clearly outlined a security guard’s hat.

A security guard who wasn’t supposed to be here. This is not what Fitch promised for my first heist.

We go in. Grab the amulet. Get out. That was the plan.

In slow motion, Fitch raised his arms and brought them silently crashing down, signaling he wanted me to take the guard out.

I shook my head. What were the odds the guard headed for the same exhibit?

Fitch’s wrinkled face grew stern. This was not a request. Get the guard now or pay for not listening later.

I hunched my shoulders, pain shrieking through me, remembering earlier payments.

The guard paced across the floor heading our way, toward the exhibition about the Egyptian boy king. I didn’t care about all-important titles, didn’t want to rule the world. All I cared about was surviving. Collecting the prize for Fitch so I could stay in his family and watch over the younger kids.

Fitch signaled the crashing motion again. Then he pointed a gnarled finger at me, raised his hand and made a slashing motion across his neck.My knees knocked together like chattering teeth. My perspiration had perspiration. If I didn’t get the guard out of the way, Fitch would get me out of the way.

The guard passed. I forced my knees to still. Fitch wouldn’t let this man ruin the plan. The plan he designed down to the last second. The plan to be executed by me.

Or I’d be executed. I gulped. Actually, an execution wouldn’t be so bad. At least it was fast. If I didn’t pull this off, my fate would be long, slow, torturous.

Like my life.

Fitch would never execute me. He got too much pleasure abusing me. Without me to kick around he’d have nothing to do. His slashing motion had been overly-dramatic. I had to believe that.

The guard strolled closer. So close, his evergreen aftershave tickled my nose.

My hands clutched and unclutched the tire iron. My stomach cramped and my gaze went fuzzy. I couldn’t stand here and wait for us to be discovered. I couldn’t let this security guard go into the King Tut exhibit. I couldn’t delay this heist any longer.

Firming my muscles, I raised my arms and held the tire iron high. The guard walked by. His thin frame and wiry mustache reminded me of someone from my past. My way distant past. Ignoring the tingle of memory, I gathered my courage to hit the guard on the head and knock him out. Just like Fitch wanted.

I waited…waited.

At the last second, I pulled back. I couldn’t hurt an innocent guy. He was just doing his job. Probably a dad. Then his kids would end up like me. Or Tina and Doug.

The guard continued forward. So what if we had to wait for him to finish his rounds before we stole the amulet. Fitch couldn’t do much more to me. He already treated me like a slave. I lowered the tire iron and let out a slow breath.

The guard swiveled back around.

Startling as if someone had attached jumper cables and revved the engine, I leapt behind the security guard and shoved him toward one of the open mummy cases. My relieved breath must’ve given my position away. He wiggled, trying to fight. Surprise was on my side. All one hundred pounds of me shoved to get his small frame inside. I slammed the cover shut and leaned, using all my weight to keep it closed. Then, I braced the tire iron against the carvings on the case lid and the grooved tile floor.

The guard pounded on the inside like a soul begging to get out. His mumbled yells scratched at my nerves. I hoped he wasn’t claustrophobic.

“So, sorry.” I lifted my shoulders high trying to block out the sound and shake off the icky-ness of leaving him in an enclosed, small, dark space. I couldn’t feel sorry for him. At least he was alive.

“You, stupid kid.” Fitch came out from his hiding spot yelling in a whisper. His diamond-cut eyes lasered into me. His misshapen hands curled like he wanted to crush my windpipe. “You were supposed to kill him. What if he saw our faces?”

Fitch had been angry before. A lot. But I’d never seen rage fill every pore of his skin, spew from every breath, vibrate off his entire body. It was as if he had everything invested in this simple theft.

“He didn’t.” My voice sounded confident. Inside, I was a shivering mass of nerves. “I pushed him from behind.”

“You think you’re so smart.” His tone was not complimentary. “What’re we supposed to do with the guy now?”

The guard kept banging.

“He’s going to alert another guard.” Yellow spittle flew from Fitch’s mouth. “We’re on a tight schedule. We don’t have time to deal with this.”

I glanced up and down the hallway. “We could call for back-up. Have one of the older guys come and get him.”

“No cell.”

Right. I slapped my empty back pocket. Our technophobe client had insisted we not take cell phones on this job, afraid the phones would give our location away to authorities. I felt naked without it.

“I’ll take care of the security guard while you get the amulet.”

Alone? My first job?